Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I'm busy finishing 2009 chores (photo organization, video-editing, cleaning out the hard-drive), staring at my dirty house wondering why it doesn't clean itself, trying to make my food supply STRETCH until Friday, fantasizing about new electronics like a camera, wii fit, karaoke system, waiting for my yarn and crochet hook to arrive, stressing about the 4 events I have on Saturday and yet that dirty house situation, and my pasty tankini callback I have later today.

So, I'm not blogging.

BUT. I gotta get that Kate girl off the top of the blog. So, here is a pic of Phoebe from last week when she was her bravest yet as I yanked out tooth #5.


Lisa said...

Ah, finally!

This is Carrie said...

We're still waiting on #2 around here.

123 123 said...
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