Friday, January 08, 2010

Back in the Pasty Saddle

Today I sat in a casting office in a tankini, with about 20 other girls, coming and going, dressed similarly.

Only, we all had on various other pieces of clothing to keep us warm. One girl wrapped her scarf around her butt, twice. Another wore a pashmina like a bath towel. I sat on my coat, draped my shirt over my legs and wore my big chunky sweater, until it was time to walk in.

I took two steps into the room and the casting director said:

What happened to you?
-What do you mean?
(She looked at my leg)
-Oh, I broke my foot, but I'm fine, it was 8 weeks ago
Oh good, because, right after I asked that, I was like: what if she has a disability?

So we talked about the foot, and I hoped she didn't note that I wasn't a smooth walker. I thought I could fool people by walking slowly and carefully. Nope, still limping. Though, I don't think the photographer noticed at Wednesday's go-see.

And then I had to do a full-body slate. Feels good after sitting on my bum for the past 8 weeks and eating a lot of mint brownies and cupcakes and toblerone and peppermint junior mints and craisinets (I call them craisinets, but really it's CRANBERRY raisinets) and...

And after that humiliation, I went into the frigid air, home to my children, but not before stopping at the local grocery store for a marshmallow-frosted devils food Entemann's cake.


kj said...

It is so delightful to read what you write. ooo that marshmallow-frosted devils food cake sounds yum!

Lisa said...

I wish you could have taken a picture of all of you waiting in your bathing suits in this frigid weather.

Jill said...

Ahhh!!! I live in New York too and just thinking about wearing a tankini right now makes me want to start sobbing.

margo said...

brrrr...btw...hate to show my ignorance but what is a "full body slate" ?

Kage said...

Lisa (mom), I think I thought of it, but didn't want to be weird. And Margo, a slate is an introduction and a getting-to-know-you initial greeting:

hi! I'm Kristy glass and I am with Buchwald. Then I usually show profiles of my face and the front and backs of my hands. Occassionally I have to turn around, walk a little, if it's a full-body commercial. Yesterday, in my tankini, I had to stand with my back to the camera while he panned up and down. A few seconds felt like an hour and I was certain one side of my bottoms were uneven... Not a wedgy, just not symmetrical.

Then the rest of the audition starts-- say the copy, do the action, whatever it is, and then the tail slate is your name and agency again.

D said...

I just watched the youtube video to the Improv Everywhere No Pants Subway Event 2009 (hilarious!), so I picture something kind of that in the waiting room.