Sunday, January 03, 2010


I did a google-search on myself just make sure everything is spic n span out there on the WWW.

AND, I found my photography documented in this article. No, I don't think I took that first photo, but I did take the others down below, of the famous folk. I took them on my fujifilm finepix point n shoot, back in 2004.

And all this I find hilarious.

And this surprise article written after my concert in early December. Thanks Mrs. Penick.


Lisa said...

When I google myself, I am linked to a German Nazi...scary!

Holly said...

when I google myself the first item that appears is RateYourProfessor where, sadly, I'm rated only 2 out of 5 on the "hotness scale"

Anonymous said...

is that you in the tuna fish coupon insert in this month good housekeeping?

Kage said...

Anon, if it is, you better email me b/c my spies always get a reward. That deal was on the table a few months ago and supposedly fell through. Going to try to get a copy to confirm. Email me for your reward!

Kage said...

Anon-- January or feb good h?

Kage said...

Anon, ok now I need you to hold on to that and scan it so I can see it, because we can't see it in good housekeeping jan or feb. Please help! Email me

Kristy at kristyglass dot com