Wednesday, January 06, 2010


My husband finally joined an online social network. Wait, it's not SOCIAL, it's all about WORK.

He needed a new pic, since the one he took was with his blackberry, of himself, after GUM surgery which turned his cheek green and swollen. Pretty.

So, I took a new picture for him, and I like it very much.

It's his Saturday casual look, but he still looks trustworthy, and handsome. He's mine.


kj said...

A very good looking wonderful guy he is.

hymas fam said...

my husband has been on linked-in for a while and it's been a good thing... he got his current job from someone who found him on that site. He has been bugging me to take a new photo of him for his profile as well though!

Theresa said...

Marc is the same...linked-in, right? The reality is, he has no time for facebook :)